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I added a friend from Facebook - with 10 minutes - I wanted to delete BBM.Durban - South Africa; Addis Ababa - Ethiopia; Riyadh - Saudi Arabia; Cologne - Germany; Quito - Ecuador.I have asked so many times for people not to bother coz l just delete them.I wonder how much some company in India got paid to spam the review section with the same exact user review over and over and over and over.Agreed with hangouts. it kinda failed on both. and the most important, no one using it (at least here).Being honest always thought BBM was overrated for what it is and still is.And should I need to send a message while using my computer, my phone is always within reach.

If they decide to do something worthwhile on that front, i have no qualms about using it.Bluestacks amazing tool with help of that andriod app can run on computer.Even this BBM app manages to give Hangouts a decent run for its money, right out of the gate.The only persons I know who have a blackberry is because they broke their phone and have to use their old phone.Perhaps the only feature BBM can still hang its hat on is security.

I think some of you have to remember that this is the very basic version.It will request the sender to agree on sending a high resolution photo.Even the low budget smartphones that Android enthusiasts turn their noses up at are often far out of reach of teenagers in general.But, at the end of the day, its a change made within the confines of Windows by the makers of windows.You can turn the notification off just like other apps (if you simply look in the settings).The blackberries are affordable AND offer a communication system that is pretty decent- With this app, they can now communicate with android users using the same system.The average teen would rather spend money on cinema tickets to impress a date than faff about with the latest and greatest phone, especially when their blackberry does everything they want.Whatsapp is really an IM app, but it manages to double as a messaging app because it uses your phone number, so you get the messages anyway.

WhatsApp beta 2.17.397 adds new emojis for fantasy, facial expressions, and yes, T-Rex.Perhaps management was in denial as the co-CEOs actively dismissed the clear trends in mobile around that time.BBM is still very big outside the USA and for people who know people using Blackberry phones, this BBM app is the only app that allows you to communicate across platforms without requiring both users to have the same app installed.If BB believes they can fool us with these unoriginal reviews then God help it.Long press the photo that you recieve and from the options pick request high resolution photo.I have used BBM over the last 2 days on my Nexus 4 and its push notifications are miles ahead of Google.Uber app updated with new features to help you through the holiday season.And so far, I just have 3 contacts--all of whom also have WhatsApp.

I think if Blackberry can do it right and get the remainder of the updates they are promising (like BBM video and voice) out by the end of the year and they do a slight design overhaul to make it more in tune with other Android apps rather than it being the same as BB10 then it can put on a great fight against WhatsApp.

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I was excited about bbm, mainly coz i was an enthusiast in heydays of blackberry.On the opposite side of what amounts of a slightly blocky action bar, is a menu button.There is nothing spectacular about this bbm app but judging by the downloads, obviously meets a need.You could just as easily make the same complaints about the WP homescreen.Personally I like BBM better than WhatsApp because of the PIN and the fact that all my contacts cannot automatically message me.

With all the financial stress these years, I really hope all of you will give it a chance. - jb3x.Nokia 8 review: Nokia looks and Nexus feel make for a very enjoyable experience.Frankly, I think this is either an intentional misreading of the situation or another example of BlackBerry being out of touch.Minecraft: Pocket Edition Will Be Getting Survival Mode, Says Mojang.Oddly, several of the options in the nav panel are the same as the tabs.That is the reason BlackBerry decided to go cross platform to begin with.I also much prefer the actual messaging system, and you can send audio messages too.

One correction, Hangouts is also pin-based should you chose to verify your cell number.There are tabs at the bottom for different areas of the app, but there is also a navigation panel that can be pulled up on the left.That would not be pin based, that would be phone number based, like whatsapp.There is a toggle in the settings to disable it with the caveat that Android might close the app in the background if you do.

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It seems to be the only one with tablet (Android and iPad) support, along with Facebook of course.

What no one said is that BBM messages are encrypted while no other IM app do that.:).As Android was starting to take off in late 2009, BlackBerry (at the time RIM) was already feeling pressure from the iPhone, so why not branch out and get users hooked on BBM.Blackberry is trying to push the feel of the BB10 on to Android or iPhone, with its swipe out layouts and the sort and BBM is the the Trojan horse for that.I installed the app but now i am about to uninstall it because i am not using the BB10 OS and do not want to use the app that is made for it:).Hangouts can do video conferencing, and also can be used on any desktop computer. not limited to phones.The biggest draw for me is being able to send map locations and audio files, as in actual songs.

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Everything gets downloaded out of curiosity, but 10 million in a short window.

Veteran users of BBM will be familiar with how this works, but it might be confusing for others.I understand that this is a reasonable way to support all platforms at once, but at the cost of user experience.You need to enter a birthdate, country, agree to several terms and conditions, and choose a password recovery question.Yes, the experience is trimmed down from bb10 version, but things are in the works for BBM cross platform.I understand that BBM looks a bit different and for obvious reasons performs differently on Apple and Android.The only redeeming feature is we get to keep our numbers private.This is not much different then how most companies like Google, HTC, Samsung and others progressively roll out updates.He also diminishes the importance of security But I will stop there.But html5 apps can no where match the performance of native apps.

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